In journalism school one of the lessons you learn is to only use a direct quote when you can’t say it better yourself.

Last year, as part of their campaign for the International Content Marketing Summit, the Content Marketing Association (CMA) created the video below. Reminiscent of the Mac vs. PC ads from 2006, chose to personify Traditional Advertising and Content Marketing as two men trying to pick up a date at a bar to show you how they are different.

Which one gets the girl? Watch the video to find out.

Push (Advertising) Vs. Pull (Content Marketing)

For many years Traditional Marketing—ads in magazines, TV commercials, coupons in the local circular—was the only option small businesses had to reach customers. Businesses pushed their information in your face, hoping to catch your attention.

Today, there are many more channels (Youtube, a blog, twitter, facebook, email marketing) where business can build a real relationship with their customer. Shoppers can go looking for information on a subject and content is designed to pull them in until they decide to buy.

As I’ve mentioned before Traditional advertising is the guy at the party bragging about how great he is—content marketing is a friend who always knows what to say.

Is Content Marketing YOUR Wingman?

Or, as they put it in the video, Traditional Advertising is in your face; content marketing is about starting a conversation as the beginning of a long term relationship.

So, which one would you rather use? Leave me a comment below and let me know.