Are you frustrated with your website?

business owner unhappy with her websiteHave you spent time and money to create a site that looks good and a blog with regularly updated content—but no one reads it? Or maybe they read it, but they never decide to buy?

You are not alone.

This problem is way more common that you’d think. Business owners do their homework and read all the statistics about what a blog and content marketing strategy can do for them…

But they struggle when it comes to making those stats actually work for them.

They’ve seen stats like:

  • Prospects make 60% of their buying decision before talking to a sales rep—largely based on information they learn online (source).
  • Companies who focus on inbound content marketing strategies have a 61% lower cost per lead than those that rely entirely on traditional marketing and sales tactics (Source: p10).
  • A staggering 82% of marketers who blog see positive return on investment (source).

But when these business owners or their marketing people try to implement a content marketing strategy on their own, it just doesn’t have the kind of results they’re looking for. That’s because content marketing is consistently cited as one of the most difficult tactics to pull off.

Fortunately, I can help. 

Here are a few of the ways I can help YOU:

  • Content Marketing Consulting to help establish a content strategy for your company.
  • Website content that converts visitors to buyers.
  • Blog posts and articles that educate readers and highlight how you can help them.
  • Newsletters and e-Newsletters that increase customer loyalty.

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“Your work has enhanced our image with customers.  I can explain to you what I want our message to be and your words simplify the process.”

— Kevin Myers, Pet Mania