Online Classes

Classes are offered through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.

How do online classes work?

How can you learn to train your dog online?

Classes start every two months and students sign up at one of three levels.

Gold level: students post videos and questions working on class material and get direct written feedback from the instructor. Each student has his/her own ‘homework” thread that the rest of the class can also see.

Silver: students ask questions directly to the instructor and can view all forums and lectures. In some classes, they can also post a limited number of videos.

Bronze: the silent majority! They get access to all the lectures and forums but have no direct access to the instructor. There are also private FB lurker groups for bronzes to interact with fellow students and share advice and videos.

Instructors respond once or twice a day for 6 straight weeks! This allows students to train short efficient sessions and get feedback almost immediately on the next step.