Recommended Tools

The work I do here at Content Marketing that Converts wouldn’t be possible without some of the tools I use to help make it happen. The site is built on WordPress software and uses the Canvas theme from Woo Themes. Below are a few other tools I use and recommend.


Buffer is a web-based tool that “buffers” out social media updates at prescheduled times, so you create a list of updates and it does the updating for you.

To start, create a Buffer account, connect the social media accounts you’d like it to update (it’s free to connect up to 2 accounts). Choose what days and times you’d like Buffer to post updates. Then, as you go about your day and come across articles, quotes, or ideas that you think your social followers will enjoy, you simply add them to Buffer. Buffer will take the item at the top of your buffer list and send it out at those predetermined days and times.

Want to learn more? Click here to check out their website.


*This is an affiliate link—so if you click over and then decide to use Site5, I get money added to my “tea fund.” 

This site is hosted on Site5 (all of my sites are, actually). My favorite Site5 feature is their helpful 24/7 online chat support (they’ve been super helpful on occasions where I somehow accidentally screwed up something on my site… often going well beyond their job descriptions to help out).

They also have a super simple WordPress install (it takes less than 5 mins… one of these days I’ll do a video and prove that). And for a relatively low monthly price I get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting and unlimited disk space.

I’ve dealt with other hosting companies—typically when a client needs help making some updates to their accounts—and I always find them hard to navigate and somewhat frustrating by comparison. I’ve even had clients find they couldn’t upload new media files to their website because they’d run out of diskspace on their host. I’ve never had those problems with Site5.

I’ve used them since 2010, currently host 12 different domains there, and have always had a great experience. Want to learn more? Click here to check them out (af).


Mailchimp is a tool for sending out emails to an email list. It’s the tool I use and it’s the tool I most often recommend to my clients, for two reasons. First, it’s super simple to use. There is a TON of how-to information available, even on some of the more advanced features. Second, it’s free for under 2,000 email subscribers—and most people just starting an email list, without a provider, have 200 or less subscribers.

I also love their “key access” feature, where you can allow someone else access to your account without giving them your login and password. So I have access to and can manage accounts for my clients all within my login.

Interested? Click here to check it out.