Recommended Resources

As a copywriter and content marketing strategist, I spend a lot of time reading and keeping up-to-date in my field. Below are some excellent (free) resources I’ve come back to again and again.

Headline Hacks

Headline Hacks is basically a swipe file with 52 “fill in the blank” headlines proven to work. This ebook can be a fantastic help when trying to come up with a strong headline for a blog post, new website page, email subject line, and/or when generating content ideas for your site.

It’s written by Jon Morrow, an expert in all things online, and he breaks down what makes the headlines strong and provides multiple examples of how you can use them. I literally keep a print out of the Table of Contents from Headline Hacks on my desk at all times. It’s that good. Get your copy here.

53+ Free Image Sources For Your Blog and Social Media Posts

This blog post from Buffer is a fantastic resource with a list of all the places you can find professional royalty free images that you’re allowed to use on your website or blog. Most of the images on my site come from one of these sources.

I particularly like the Hubspot images and those found on Death to The Stock Photo. You can check out the list here

Introducing The 6 + 1 Model For Effective Copywriting (Better Than AIDA!)

If you read nothing else about how copywriting works or how to create a strong post/land page etc., you need to read this one. I reread it pretty much anytime I’m working on a copywriting project, even though I have it just about memorized. It’s that good.

If you’re not sure how to create a post that sells or how to structure a piece of writing you’re working on, this step-by-step post breaks it down for you, making it as simple as it’s possible for it to be. Check it out here.

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post – Social Triggers

While the previous link was all about how to write a good persuasive piece of copy, in this infographic Derek Halpern breaks down all the elements of a successful blog post, including things like how big to make your images, where to put your calls to action and other little details backed up by research that anyone creating content should know.

Besides, it’s an inforgraphic. So it’s visual, easy to understand, and kinda pretty. Check it out here.